Pacific Crest Trail 2012

On April 20th, 2012 I set out from the Mexican Border on foot with nothing but my backpack. My journey ended 175 days later in Manning Park, Canada. I had successfully completed the 2,668 mile thru-hike, and yes this was my very first backpacking trip... EVER. The PCT was the first big thing to scratch off my "bucket list." Being a cancer patient and having had sustained Traumatic Brain Injury, this was a remarkable accomplishment. This goes to show that if you want something bad enough you can achieve anything. This is the first of many future thru-hikes.

Postings from my 2012 thru-hike 

These are the posts from my Thru-Hike of the PCT in 2012. Enjoy! 

Carrying On - The last few days hiking to the border... a cancer ridden miracle

Extra Weight - The story of carrying someone else's dirty sock into Canada

The Real Story of My 39 Mile Day - One of my many horror stories! I bet you can't beat it!

Successful River Crossing? - What thru-hikers refer to as "The Jurassic Park Trail"

Catching Kristo: Lifelong Friends - Meeting lifelong friends on the PCT

Leaving Hiker Haven - The Last Vortex

Good Times With Good People - WONDERFUL Trail Angels: The Dinsmores

Insanely Sick - So very sick....

Ashland In Roughly 5 Days: Goodbye CA - Finally going to be done with CA (what a LONG state)

Trail Magic Galore - The wonderful Sleeping Bare and Mom joint magic at Sonora Pass

Today's The Day - Returning to the trail after being hospitalized for 2 weeks

A Breath Of Fresh Air - My Mom trying to cheer me up with a "training hike" after my near death experience

Minor Setbacks - Winding up hospitalized in Lone Pine

Heading Into The Sierras - The wonderful Trail Angel Tom... and FINALLY hitting the Sierras!

Mile 702! - Alas I have reached the end of the desert!

Sleep Deprivation: AKA Nerves - Trying to sleep knowing your embarking on the biggest adventure of your life (thus far)

Bitter Sweet - Realizing I'm going to be with out "civilization" for 6 months

Dreadful Resupply Drops - Planning out the next 6 months of my life... Eeeek!

Helinox and Backpackers Pantry  - My FABULOUS new sponsors

 Halloween In The Raw - The WONDERFUL Sponsor Raw Revolution!

Lululemon Love! - Best Hiking Skirt EVER!!!

Raw Revolution  - New Sponsors!

Cinnamon The Bear - I'm going to miss my beloved bear (AKA Best Friend)

Maps and Zone - Getting my maps and a new donation from Zone Perfect!

Christmas In February  - Getting my Tarptent among other goodies... I LOVE the mailman

Missing My Toast - Goodbye (for now)Toaster! (My puppy)

Selfish Mutt - Taking my Jack Russell with me on a training hike

My First REAL Hike After the Surgery  - I'm finally back! Surgery can't hold me down!

Post - Op - Day 2 after my surgery (AKA blagh cancer)

The Letter - How I got everyone on board with ditching cancer treatment and going solo on a 2,668 mile trek from Mexico to Canada

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