Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's The Day!

Today is the day I get to return to the trail! I have a doctors appointment in about an hour then I'm heading out to Tuolumne Meadow. I am soooo anxious and happy to be going back. I've been stuck here for way too long for my liking.

I'm feeling MUCH better than I was. I'd hope so, shesh I've been here for 2 weeks now. That certainly was a VERY close call though. I am extremely fortunate to be young and to have gone into the hospital when I did. VERY LUCKY.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and support. I cherish you guys so much. Let's hear it for the "help!" hahaha Really though, you guys are all amazing.

I went and visited Weeds (another hiker who went down the same day that I did w a stroke) yesterday. She's looking great. I know how anxious she is to get out of the Hospital and back on trail. You're gonna do GREAT once you're back out there Weeds! We can come back and do that section we missed together : ) Gimp 1 to Gimp 2.. Over and Out

I'm going to be taking it easy and going slow when I get out there. I think it's gonna be a little difficult cause I'm not the type to "go easy" on myself, but considering everything that's happened these past two weeks I DO NOT want to wind up in the same position. So here's to going slow and not jeopardizing my health haha : )

Thank you all again for everything! Oh and a big thank you to Mark and Michelle Pacheco for the donation towards a replacement cartridge filter! Thanks guys!

Happy, Happy, Happy,
Sara : )

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  1. I will see you soon and then I KNOW you will be going slower then! LOL you say you don't care and still want me to visit so I will. Yay for vacation time phlit plew! (That is my whistle.) So grateful that you helped with your resupplies :) Now ready for the next part. Be well and THRIVE!