Friday, March 23, 2012

New Sponsors - Helinox and Backpacker's Pantry

I had Thursday off so when I went into work this morning I kept thinking that it was a Monday. Haha it's pretty comical. I can never quite seem to remember what day of the week it is anymore. However, I am able to remember my countdown! 27 days! Cha Ching!

I went out and had to purchase a sleeping bag. Some people use the, "cat's out of the bag" saying... but in my case it was quite literally, "the birds out of the bag." Somehow my dad's old sleeping bag from the 70's sprung a leak and left me w goose feathers everywhere in my tent. So I had to invest in a new bag. This was NOT something that I had accounted for. Sleeping bags now a day cost an arm and a leg... and perhaps a kidney as well.

I was talking to Halfmile awhile ago about sleeping bags and he recommended that I go w Western Mountaineering. So yesterday, on my day off, I found myself at a great local shop called Nomad Ventures. The guys in the shop were absolutely amazing. It was great spending my one day off in a gear store w likeminded people. Almost $560 later I emerged w my Alpinelite Bag and my Terramar Hottotties Base Layer. Although I will have to start selling off my organs to pay for them at least I will be warm!

I have spectacular news for you guys! I have not one, but TWO new sponsors! A HUGE thank you to Helinox and Backpacker's Pantry!

Helinox is a fabulous little company from Australia. I wrote them asking for support (particularly from the sun). Because of the Melanoma (skin caner) I thought it would be smart to try and minimize the amount of sun exposure I receive. I got word back today that they would indeed support me w an umbrella. These little suckers are FABULOUS for staying out of the sun... and rain. I'm so glad I have them on board..... and I'm sure my skin is too : ) Thank you Norm!

Backpacker's Pantry is also helping me out. W out my knowledge my brother and sister have been sending out sponsorship requests as well. And wouldn't you know it... he snagged one for me. I had no idea that Matt was doing this and I couldn't be more stoked. I LOVE Backpacker's Pantry meals and when I'm out hiking the Pacific Crest Trail my tummy is going to be VERY thankful for their generous contribution to my hike.

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to Helinox and Backpacker's Pantry for wanting to help me on this great adventure. You guys are both AMAZING companies and I am so grateful to have you both on board!

I also have a few other thank you's to address:

 Camden Sweet- You're an amazing individual. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. I'm very excited to use my new gear! YAY!

Richard Sharp- Thank you so much for the sleeping pad! It's extremely comfy! Yay for happy backs! haha

Cindy Orlando - Thank you thank you thank you! I am so thrilled that I can keep my hands warm! The gloves are spectacular. You're the best!

I know I've said it a million times before but thank you all so much for the support you've given me. There have been many times where the outcome has been bleak and it doesn't seem like things will work out but w your love and support I know I can get through it. I'm sending out special prayers for each and everyone of you tonight. Chin up - we can get through it.... TOGETHER.

Thank you!


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