Monday, September 10, 2012

I think I will make it a bit farther... How do I feel? Cold, sick, exhausted, sleepy, amazing,dirty, spectacular, cold, wet, hungry... Did I say cold? Very. (..... Things I fantasize about- hot food, warm bed with blankets, not being sick, catching up to Freestyle and Bags, Toast, being clean. Trying to make it to a trail angels' place to rehabilitate and rejuvenate. Please send warmth- even if warm thoughts, prayers for speedy and full recovery, completion of trip and if any of you have a couple dollars to send my way, I am out of dinero. Anything would be appreciated. 10 more days and I will have been on the trail for 5 months. I am up to Cascade Locks as of today. Last few hundred miles on a 2668 mile adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. Hi Sara-
    I have read your blog with much enthusiasm for what you are doing. I think you are brave and admire your strength and commitment!
    I am Resupply Co-ordinator for my friend Chris, aka Wolverine---not THE MIchigan Wolverine...just Wolverine.
    I have some food I could send you if you let me know where you are.
    There's a woman in Seattle that was trying to thru hike, but had to stop and is now looking to help hikers. If you'd like her info, email me so I can send it to you privately.
    If you e-mail me back and let me know where I can send you some food, I can get that out tomorrow.
    I hope you feel better.