Monday, April 9, 2012

Dreadful resupply drops

This weekend was fabulous. I flew out to Clovis Saturday night just in time to see my family for Easter. We all had a great time visiting w one another. I am so blessed to have my family. The flights on Saturday night went very smoothly. I met two great ladies. They were very sweet and made my flights pass by very quickly. Today my mom and I spent the day shopping for food to place in my resupply boxes. This has by far been the most daunting task for me. Every time I sit down and try to plan out my food I just get overwhelmed and just move on to another Pacific Crest Trail related task. But today my mom was w me So we went grocery shopping. I got a lot of the food that I'll need so that was a huge relief. We then spent the remainder of the evening sorting out and boxing up my resupply drops. Thank you so much momma! You're the best. There's still a lot of sorting to be done but ill be back in Clovis in a week so we can get all the finishing touches done. 10 days left before I depart for the trip of a lifetime. I couldn't be any more anxious /nervous/excited. Its almost here guys!!!! Aghhh!!! I'm on my flight back to San Diego right now and I've gotta turn off my phone before I land in my first stop. So until next time : ) Sara - the airbound blogger


  1. If you had to do the resupply boxes- and you did- at least you got to do it with ME- You lucky duck!
    Quack quack quack...

    1. haha Mom is it really that hard to put your name? You are definitely NOT anonymous. I'm glad I got to do them w you too! You're the best EVER! MUAH!