Sunday, December 2, 2012

Leaving Hiker Haven

It took me much longer to leave the Dinsmores than anticipated. What can I say? The place was heaven. Just as I was about to leave (refer to last post) I got kidnapped and brought back. There was a group of hikers that had just gotten into town. A group that I was particularly fond of to say the least. Among them included, Pink, LB, Kristo, Damsel.. and MANY more. I had planned on hiking out w Navi, and my two personal favorites Major Upchuck and BB. However, w the arrival of this huge group I decided why not wait and all hike out together. The hikers that were leaving the Dinsmores all turned around and rode back on up to Hiker Haven.

 There was a group of roughly 20 people there. Some people I hadn't seen in months, others in weeks, while still some that I had never met before... but am SO glad that I did. The next few days we celebrated w almost finishing our incredible journey. I'm so lucky that I was able to share those last 2 weeks to the border w such a WONDERFUL group of individuals. The first night out was fabulous. We only made it a few miles, but we were all together and I was ready to tackle the last section of our trek.

 I finally was beginning to accept the term "hiker trash." Now, before I was never particularly fond of this term. Everyone uses it out there. It's a certain right that is bestowed on you. A badge of honor if you will. I always had a difficult time being called "trash." I am quite possibly the furthest thing from trash you can imagine. I felt when the term was used it was degrading. However, the more time went on (Almost 6 months) I started taking a liking to my title as "hiker trash." To me, it became a display of affection. It was a membership of a spectacular elite group of hikers that I now belonged to. With 2 weeks left I finally accepted what I was.. "hiker trash," but w a twist... I mean who carries nail polish (2 colors at that) for the entire trail? ; )

 I'll continue posting of the next two weeks to the border, as well as the CRAZY/INSANE stories I have. Because we all know that I've got a ton.

 I'll be writing a review of the gear I carried as well. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

 Thank you everyone for all of the support and love. I couldn't have done it wout you! Class of 2012! Mexico - Canada! Blood Bank aka Sara

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  1. I agree with the unsavory term to embrace that includes trash as a self description and your initial feelings. I like sooo much better " an elite group of hikers" because THAT you are! :)