Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ashland in roughly 5 days... Goodbye California

Ever since Sonora Pass my hike has drastically changed... and I couldn't be in love w it any more than I am. The dynamics switched and I've met so many new AMAZING people. I wouldn't change a thing.

There has been so many things that have happened since I last updated.. and I apologize for that. Service has been extremely sketchy. For some reason AT&T REALLY likes to not work out here. Verizon, on the other hand, works like a charm. Unfortunately I'm an AT&T subscriber.

Where do I even begin to start?

The relationships that I've formed w my "traveling community" have been some of the best connections that I could have ever dreamed for. I have met so many people that have come into my life and brought me so many new outlooks and viewpoints. It's absolutely amazing.

When I originally started this hike I had no idea what to expect. I just had the mindset of hiking and exploring the back-country. However, now that I've been doing that for a few months, I've switched tracks. I'm finding that this journey isn't so much about the miles that you walk but the experiences that you have while your walking. I have been utterly blown away w the people that I have met and I have been tremendously touched by a special handful of hikers.

It's extremely refreshing to be able to not concentrate on the miles that I'm walking and just enjoying the company that I'm in.None of us are guaranteed any amount of time here on this beautiful planted and it's very important to be able to just let go and live each day for THAT day. Live each and every moment as if it's the last that you're going to have. That's my challenge to you guys. If you want to do something... STOP thinking and get out there and DO IT! Just live one day at a time... or as I like to say... "One Step at at Time."

I'm finding that it's easier for me to focus on the times and memories that I'm making out here... like I said it's all about the relationships and experiences at this point. Don't get me wrong I'm still about doing miles..  (I had my biggest day of 39 this past week!!!! : ) ) but at the same time there's much more to it than just walking.

I'm surrounded by such an amazing group of individuals right now I couldn't ask for anything more. Literally. This journey for me thus far has been so much more that I could have every imaged.. and for that I am EXTREMELY grateful.

I'm in Etna, CA today and I'm planning on going 120 miles into Ashland, OR in 4.5 days. That means that I'm going to be done w the FABULOUS state of CA soon! YAY!

Until then... One step at a time..

: )


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