Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Catching Kristo: Lifelong Friends

I met a life-long friend on the trail. His name is Kristo. We were supposed to start together at Campo, but things changed. The first time I saw Kristo was a couple miles out of Big Bear. I knew I instantly liked this kid. We hiked together on and off up until the Andersons.

(Kristo in green and me.. well.. I'm the only girl. This was my first zero aka no mile day at DIP's house aka BEST TRAIL ANGEL!)

After that we never could seem to get in sync w one another. Either he'd be ahead, or I would. We were constantly flip-flopping. I would leave notes in the registers along the way for him to hurry up. haha. We'd end up leaving one another voice mails when we found service (usually on top of ridges). This game of "marco polo," lasted a very long time.

We met up again at Burney Falls, CA. Kristo had gotten incredibly sick and needed to recoup. Thankfully my trail angels Dip and Becky were there to help save the day! I got to see Kristo and hang out w an incredible family whom I adore.

(Me and Becky at Burney Falls before I hit the trail again... that night I pulled my biggest mile day *stay tuned for that story in the next few days*) 

(Encouraging James to go in... "I'll jump if you jump" Why do I put myself in these situations? Ha naaaa SO worth it)

Finally, at the Dinsmores, w less than 200 miles to go did we catch up to each other. I was so thrilled to FINALLY be hiking the last section w one of my best friends.

There was only one problem. He hit the trail a couple hours before I did. Now, some of you may know that when you're on the trail it could take days to finally reach someone who is allegedly only "hours" in front of you. By this point everyone was relatively moving at the same pace and putting in the same amount of miles every day.

I tried so hard to catch him that first day. I kept thinking that I would round the corner and see him, but to my dismay I didn't. Where did this crazy kid go? How many miles did he walk the first day out of town? Did I pass him?

Now, I knew I didn't pass him because I "track" people. Being a solo female hiker I made it a point to learn prints. I knew exactly who was ahead of me at all times. I could tell if new people (day hikers) had gotten onto the trail or left. I knew everyone's footprint around me and I could decipher (w amazing accuracy) how far ahead of me they were.

Since Kristo's print was ahead of me I knew it was impossible I had passed him. So I kept on searching for my buddy. He was always right in front of me... but just out of reach... until...

Stehekin. I caught him again! And this time we would stay together until the very end. Until I was delivered to my parents house in CA.
(WE FINISHED!! Me and Kristo on the right)

The relationships that I created on the trail are life-long friendships. I will never forget any of the people that I hiked w. I am so grateful to have met each and every person out there. You have all taught me so much. I am very thankful to have been able to go on this incredible journey and meet such inspiring individuals. Kristo is one of the many people out there that I love. 
 (He kept the kick-off bracelet the ENTIRE trail)

Stay tuned for more, 
BloodBank aka Sara 


  1. Thanks for sharing- I look forward to meeting him some day.

  2. I LOVED hearing that Sar Bear!!!! You ARE TRULEY AMAZING:) Staying tuned for moreXOXO