Saturday, December 15, 2012

Extra Weight

Hikers know how much of a bear it can be hauling around extra weight. A few ounces makes all the difference. After being out on the Pacific Crest Trail for so long you get very intimate w your pack. It becomes an extension of you. I've been off trail for 2 months and 2 days. But who's counting right? My body still reacts as if I still have my pack on. When I walk by people I instinctively move my entire upper body away from them so my "pack" won't run into them. What am I thinking? I'm not even wearing a pack! I became so used to dodging trees out there that it's second nature now.

I was hiking towards Stehekin. We were almost to Canada! Yay! The group I was hiking w had gotten split up. I thought they were right in back of me? Right in front of me? Nope. Who knows where they went. 
(Navi, Me, Ipod, Hollywood, Walking Stick)

As I get closer to town I'm meandering down the trail when I come across a sock. It's just laying its tired little body in the middle of the trail. He looks like he's hanging on by a thread. Quite literally. Must have fallen off of Hollywoods pack. Great. I pick it up and and continue hiking. Damn socks wearing me down. The weight of that tiny little fella was like a brick! I kid I kid. I didn't notice it.. but I knew it was there.  

I keep walking so I can give Hollywood back his prized possession. I didn't want to be luggin this thing around, this is extra weight! He's gotta be around here somewhere. His print is now on trail again. He's near. Hang on little guy! You're almost home. 

12 miles later and I still haven't caught him. With the thought of being in town looming in the back of my mind I forget about the extra weight I'm carrying. I start dreaming of a shower. Shaving. Food. Repainting my nails. Rest. Not being cold. Laundry. You know.. the normal hiker thoughts ; )

The closer I get the more excited I become. I start talking out loud. Now this is no new thing for me. I talk aloud ALL the time. But now the only thing occupying my thoughts is town. I smell people. I hear people. Town. Civilization. YAY!! I'm getting close. 

When I get down to the bottom I search for other hikers but no one's there. The bus doesn't come for another couple hours. No way I'm waiting that long. I decide to use my charm and yogi a ride off of the workers. Next thing I know I'm sitting in the back of a pick up driving down a VERY bumpy dirt road. The winds in my face. I feel like a dog who is riding shot gun w his head out the window. Jowls flailing in the wind. 

Stehekin! I made it. Town! I completely forget about the dead sock in my pack. I'm too excited. Kristo, Damsel, Hollywood, and a bunch of other hikers are there. The last town stop. Canada is within reach. 

I finally get a chance to relax and take a break. When I know there's a town near I usually bomb it as fast as I can. I don't take breaks or stop for food. There's real food in town. I'm so close why would I prolong all the greatness town has to offer? 

(Stehekin Lodge: Kriso, Me, Walking Stick, Ipod, Hollywood, Damsel, and Lucy)

First on my list is milk. Yes, milk. My name is Sara, and I'm a milkaholic. Then shower, laundry, food, and enjoying the company of my fellow hikers. When I finally remember about the sock I tell Hollywood. He could care less. He wonders why I picked it up. It was disgusting. Are you kidding me?! Here I am thinking I'm doing this wonderful thing by reuniting sock and owner... so much for my good deed. Na, I would have picked it up anyways. Leave No Trace. But still....some thank you. 

(Notice the carton of milk in my hand? Dinsmores Hiker Haven)

Time goes on and I forget about the sock. He's tucked away in my side pocket. As we head out of town  he's still taggin' along. When I do remember I'm carrying around dead weight I'm no where near Hollywood. And when I am.. I don't remember. Funny thing about brain injuries is you tend to forget a whole hell of a lot of things. Oh well. 

(Leaving Stehekin: Hollywood, Kristo, Walking Stick, Ipod, Me, Damsel, Pink, Pano, Zana, Pace Maker, LB, Trip, and Navi)

Needless to say I carried that dirty, smelly, sock all the way into Canada. Over 90 miles. It wasn't until I was in Manning Park that I realized once again I had it. I went over and threw that sucker into the trash.  I wasn't going to carry around extra weight any longer. 

(Bus ride back to trail)

I was glad to have finally remembered about it in a place where I could actually do something about it. When you're on trail you still have to carry it because there's no trash out there. Pack it out. Finally, I was in the clear. My pack just got a little lighter....Talk about a shake down ; ) 

The sock whisperer, 

Blood Bank 

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  1. You are sooo funny- "that tiny little fella was like a brick" and you carried him to his rightful owner that didn't even care! :(

    As we've determined before- "you rock my socks" and apparently his too! What an "Ingrate".