Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mile 702.... SORRY

Well folks YES! I am still on trail. I am SOOO Sorry that I haven't been updating via this site. My service has been SUPER sketchy to say the VERY least! I'm at Tom's Cyber Cafe right now and I finally have a Real opportunity to post from a computer. So here's what's happened in the last 702 miles... in a nut shell because you all know I can ramble on and on. so... here we go...

When I first started the trail on April 20th I was Very sick. That lasted about 3 weeks. It was extremely hard trying to push through everything while I was hacking up a lung and what not but I was having a great time nonetheless.

The day before I left for the trail (the 19th) I was longboarding in San Diego and I fell while bombing down a hill. Smart.. I know haha. Needless to say I got a pretty massive gash in my knee. This caused me to have a GIANT wound going into the trail. But you all know me... that wasn't going to stop anything.

That wound eventually lead to my "Trail Name" - Blood Bank. I was crossing a "stream" around mile 110 and I fell... don't ask how. It wasn't even really a stream. I was just a tad bit too clumsy and ended up falling in. When I got up everything was fine except my finger.. which hurt like the dickens. About a mile after that "fall" I kept thinking to myself... Why is my leg wet? (I was wearing rain pants so I couldn't see anything) I stopped dead in the trail and stripped down. I looked at my leg and...... AGHHHHH!!! Blood like you have never seen before. My leg was... alien.

As I was holding back the urge to puke/ pass out my hiking partner at the time decided to Trail Name me Blood Bank. It was the most fitting name I could have been given. Sorry for the semi-graphic details guys haha but that's the story of my name.

I donate blood to the trail almost every single day.. I think there's been about 2 or 3 days where I haven't. I'm not clumsy, trust me.. it's just I have a tendency to fall down/ scrape myself/ and the like. It's actually quite ridiculous to say the least.

Moving on....

I have met so many absolutely AMAZING people out here. It is a little hard at time being a girl, mostly because there are a TON of guys.. and well... girls need to talk about girl things sometimes... and well.. we just think differently in general. I've met a few girls who I absolutely adore. YAY!!!

I'm about to go into the Sierras and I'm so excited. I'm finally out of the desert. Can you say HOTTTT?! Walking through 109+* heat just isn't my cup of tea.

I've met up w my Dad, as well as my sister and my Mom. The moral boost that they've provided has been second to none.

I am having the time of my life out here guys. There hasn't been a day where I've even considered getting off trail...  maybe keeling over and begging someone to shoot me haha but not getting off the trail.

Thank you everyone for the support that you all have sent had provided. This opportunity to be out here has been such a blessing. I am so thankful every single day where I can wake up and see the mountains, valleys, deserts, and everything else in between.

I'm moving at a relatively slower pace than I had anticipated, but that's because I'm ENJOYING every moment of being out here. Honestly. It's not about how fast or slow you go.. it's about loving what you're doing and having a blast.... which I am most certainly, with out a doubt, doing!

I'm getting closer to where I grew up and if anyone would like to meet up w me just send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Like I said I'm entering the Sierras so I'll be in Mammoth and Yosemite soon.(I LOVE trail magic.. *hint hint*)

Thank you again EVERYONE for the love, support, prayers, donations, EVERYTHING! I couldn't do this w out you all.

Once again I'm so sorry I haven't updated.. I kinda wanted to take the beginning away so I could have time to myself.. I've done that now.. so I'll be back. You guys are all great and I'll update again soon. Most likely tomorrow : )

If you want to follow along closer you can add my Facebook page.. "PCT Family and Friends."

Lovin it out here,

Sara aka Blood Bank


  1. Glad to hear your heart is pumping blood as well as adrenaline. You're in my thoughts..whadda woman! Mandi

  2. Yay for seeing you and meeting some of your new friends trail mates. It is a relief to see you and KNOW you are fine. I usually know it but to know in all capitals is sooo much better. I'm getting two boxes off to you tomorrow. I have to see if they'll let me take a little longer for lunch so it will go out tomorrow. I love you more than you'll ever know. Maybe only a small inkling. Muah. Looking at the beautiful almost full moon

  3. Hopefully no blood donations today! Muah. Sweet dreams.