Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missin the T

I can't help but think of my little Toast. I sure do miss that pup. She is hands down THE best snuggling partner EVER. And when you come home she's nothing but stoked to see you. Tail or should I say "nub" waggin all over the place. Just waiting for you to put down your keys and purse so she can jump right into your arms and give you puppy kisses. Yep... I sure do miss her.

Today was fairly productive. I finished my internship letter for Conservacion Patagonica. Now I've just gotta wait. If all pans out and I'm accepted I would head over to Chile after my hike (either in October or January). For those unfamiliar w this... it's an amazing project. They're in the process of creating a National Park. This would stop major companies from polluting the wildlife, damming the waters, and endangering the natives homes as well as disrupting major ecosystems. I would be apart of protecting this. Patagonia is one of the last true WILD expanses in the world. We should do everything in our power to try and protect this truly breathtaking place... while we still can. So for now.. I wait. Seems like I'm doing a lot of that right now. haha oh well. 

The sunset today was again GORGEOUS! Don't worry I'll let you experience it too. No need to thank me. I'm just that nice. haha. : P 

Welp.. my tent and backpack haven't come in yet. Surprise surprise. I think if they did that would have been the worlds fastest shipment. So I continue to wait. I feel like I'm in the military or something "hurry up and wait."

I'm putting together my "playlist" for the Pacific Crest Trail. I would love your input! I'm a musical mutt and I listen to literally everything. Rap, Country, Folk, Classical, Oldies, House, Indie.. you name it and I listen to it. So don't be afraid to hold something back on the basis of you not thinking I'll like it. Cause odds are that if it has a good beat I'll be into it. So ready, set, RECOMMEND! : D

ZonePerfect is helping me "fuel my journey!" They are... and I quote "NOT a sponsor" Just good people who are donating to me and my cause. Thank you ZonePerfect for everything! You guys rock! "These opinions are my own. " 

Until you read again, 

Sara "The Toast missing music lover" 

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