Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas in February

I spent the entire day yesterday wondering if the UPS man would come. I left for work thinking about it.. I was at work thinking about it... I was driving back to the house thinking about it.. and as I was walking up the "porch" I was thinking about it. I sneaked a peak up through the little hole in the wall so I could have a view of our door... and to my dismay no packages. As I slowly climbed the stairs and rounded the corner to the apartment I saw the front door. My heart burst! Sitting there blending in w it's surroundings was not 1.. BUT 2 packages! It was the most amazing feeling ever! My tent AND backpack came in the same day. Those sly boxes trying to act all sneaky and camouflaged. I literally sprinted to the door. I dropped my keys twice trying to open it because I was so thrilled. I called my Dad and gave him a play by play as I carefully opened each box. "I'm slowly cutting the tape.... halfway done.... I'm opening the 3rd flap.... I can see my backpack!! I'm pulling it out.... trying it on..." haha you get my point. He said he felt like he was right there w me and he could see everything I was describing. I love the mail man! I have never been so excited to check the mail my entire life. Every day there is new goodies to be discovered. And the best part is.... it's all stuff I want! haha

I went outside today and set up my new tent! I've only told one other person the reason why I decided to go w the "Rainbow" vs the Contrail or Moment. I chose the Rainbow because of it's name. It was God's promise to never flood us again. To have faith... Even though the other models might be a little lighter I decided "hey if I'm gonna be out there for 5 1/2 months I certainly don't want to get flooded!" I thought it was a pretty darn good choice, and I couldn't be happier w it. Here is my shelter for pretty much the next half a year... Thank you Doug and Peggy Hamouz and Elizabeth and Bob Green!

Isn't she so pretty? While you guys are laying there in your cozy beds at night think of me out there on the Pacific Crest Trail. Then take a look at yourself and realize how lucky each and everyone one of you are to have been blessed w so much. I know we all have hard times and struggle but don't ever forget to be thankful for what you do have. Because believe me.. it can all be gone in the blink of an eye. Go give the ones you love a hug... or a phone call. Don't ever underestimate people- they may surprise you.

I'll post pictures of my lovely backpack soon. I can't show you guys everything all at once... what would there be to look forward to? ; )

I cannot wait to get my maps in the mail. A bunch of us who are hiking the trail this year got together and bought in bulk. Halfmile's Maps should be here on either Monday or Tuesday. It's so thrilling isn't it? I can't wait to go over them! I feel like such a nerd... oh wait.. I AM! haha

Don't forget the music recommendations guys! Por favor!

Getting restless,

PS- UPS is neck in neck w Santa right now... just sayin : P

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  1. Hooray for Christmas in February1 And hooray for my nice warm bed tonight. I do not take it for granted- most nights. Thanks for sharing your excitement :)