Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thru-Hiking: Bitten For Life

It's official...

They say that once you thru-hike you're never going to be the same. This couldn't be any more true. I am constantly thinking about being out in nature again. She's as much a part of me as I am of her. I find myself day dreaming of the rolling clouds, snow covered peaks, fresh flowers, and endless, quiet peace. So it wasn't a surprise to anyone when I decided to take off on an 184 mile backpacking "jaunt" a couple weeks ago. 

I had an absolutely spectacular time. I met many new people at the Anderson's for Squatch's screening of "Flip Flop Flippin' 2"  Which if you haven't seen yet; go out and watch it!

I am so excited for this years new class of 2013 hikers! I wish you all the best! Maybe I'll see you at Kick Off. I'm going to be doing a presentation, hopefully you'll be in the audience! 

Without further ado...

Hiker Town - Kennedy Meadows. I had been aching to get back out onto the trail ever since I had left. Finally, I was "healthy" enough. But, then again, "healthy" is a very relative term. Anyways... here are some pictures of the beauty I get to witness firsthand, not only on a daily basis, but also on an "every second of every day" basis. Enjoy! 

I'm Home!

Sunset on day 1

Thanks for the shade!

After TylerHorse Canyon

Name that song:
"It feels soooo gooood to be back" 

Windmill Farm: Tehachapi 

My backyard: Southern Sierras 

The wonderful Trail Angel: Tom! : ) and Ken

Guino and Ken 

Ipod, Myself, and the Beautiful Becky!

I love that sign!

Finally Water!

This years class of 2013 is going to have a rough time in regards to water. If the current rate of snow fall stays the same, they're going to have some very tough stretches ahead of them. My best advice for the class of 2013 is to check the water report (updated frequently on twitter @PCTWater #PCTrail) and Camel-Up (aka drink as much water at sources as you can) and have a large capacity!

Class of 2013, I wish you all the best this year! You're going to have the most amazing time out there. Remember to roll with the punches and relax. You're going to meet life-long friends. Go out and enjoy the life you have! 

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